Monday, October 14, 2013

Moving time!

Link to new blog here

Due to a number of disturbing reports from people that my blog keeps setting off alerts on their virus protection software, I had no choice but to move my blog including all the posts dating back from June 2012 to the latest published one, to wordpress. If anyone who runs the fashion feeds I'm in is seeing this, I'd much appreciate it if you would please update the link accordingly, provided in the image above. Thank you!

This also goes for those who put me on their blogrolls, and my dear followers who have supported my blog all this time and who I would hate to lose in the moving process. I'll be keeping this blog up in case I need a backup and also until the feeds have updated their links.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Modern Threads

Shiki Designs has begun releasing their new Fall collection and it's beautifully patterned mesh designs in subtled colour tones perfectly complimenting the decay of the season and the ushering in of cooler weather. They're hip, modern threads.

I particularly liked the more purple-ish colour variation of the outfit, of course, my longtime over-fondness for purple being no shocking secret. Why wouldn't I love it? It's the colour of individuality and freedom! MADesigns has various shades of purple in their fantastic vibrant and punky Colors pack which is available for all their newest hair releases, one of which you see in this post.

Photography: Paradox Messmer
Style Credits:
Hair: Akami by KMADD (new release)
Ears: Steking ears by MANDALA
Eyeliner: Glam Boy (night colour) by Blackliquid
Outfit (Top and Pants): Modern Threads by Shiki Designs (new release)
Necklace: Nico necklace by KOSH (new release for The Men's Dept)
Bracelets: Nico bracelet by KOSH (new release for The Men's Dept)
Hands: Male Hands Relax by SLink
Shoes: Derby Shoes by Mr. Poet
Poses by Le Poppycock from the October 1st round of She & Him

Monday, October 7, 2013


AVENUE Fashion Week has sadly come to an end, it was a week to remember, so much art to take in and make my wallet ache with emptiness. Here's one last look at a couple of releases from that week, for the fall/winter collection of Dynasty & Imagine That which you will be able to find back in their mainstore after AVFW.

New mesh hands by SLink are worth mentioning as a must have this season as well, the skin texture and shape of them can't be beat as far as mesh hands go.

Photography: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Hairbase: Etched Hair Base- Egypt by AITUI
Eyeliner: Glam Boy by Blackliquid
Ear Piercings: Spiked Ear Piercing by Razorblade Jacket
Shirt: Drape T by Scars
Jacket: Nior Coat by Dynasty & Imagine That (new release @ AVENUE Fashion Week's retail area)
Hands: Male Hands Relax by SLink (new release)
Pants: Mandana by Dynasty & Imagine That (new release @ AVENUE Fashion Weeek's retail area)
Necklace: Pocket Watch Gold Rare by Sleepy Eddy (from the September round of The Arcade)
Shoes: Hudson by INEDIT
1st Pose by Morphine, 2nd Pose by PosESioN
Lamp by LISP

Thursday, October 3, 2013

AVFW featuring XIAJ

AVENUE Fashion Week Autumn/Winter is upon us now, ending after this weekend and it's been as you can only expect from AVENUE, simply amazing. So many strikingly stylish and glamorous fashions for women and men showcased in the daily shows, worn only by the best models in SL. Make sure you RSVP for each show! I was honored to have been invited to walk in 2 of the shows as an AVENUE guest model, one of which was XIAJ, a very promising new designer which we can see coming into their own already for this amazing all black collection.

While I've barely had chances to blog this week, I want to quickly show you one of the very sleek and suave designs (not one of the ones I modeled, but very cool and I love wearing it) which can be purchased at AVENUE Fashion Week's retail area. Go check all XIAJ's new collection at AVFW, it's Asian inspired with a touch of haute couture, all the makings of timeless style.

Photography: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Hair: Dura-Boy*46 (new release) by Dura
Eyeliner: Glam Boy by Blackliquid
Nails: Sinra Nails by MANDALA
Outfit: Hwoarang by XIAJ (release for AVENUE Fashion Week)
Shoes: Christian loafers by Entente
Earrings: Cracker by Pekka

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Violator have a new line of loads of couture jewelry that is simply dynamic, bold and innovative. I selected just one for now to show you, the Chained choker and necklace which has a RL counterpart called Pleased to Meet You Choker which you can find at designer Soraya Vaher's website . It comes with earrings and other things but I'm only wearing two parts of it for this outfit, which I centered around the Violator piece. It's always great when certain designs inspire you to create whole looks around them.

Punk rockin' new hair from KMADD to note, and these rare johnny spike clogs from HANDVerk's clog machine at the Arcade for this September are one of my most prized wins and you should definitely play that machine while you can, such an utterly cool idea. I love HANDVerk's vision.

Photography by me (Paradox Messmer)
Style Card:
Hair: LUCAS by KMADD Hair (new releases)
Chained Lashes by Mad'
Eyeliner: Glam Boy by Blackliquid
Headpiece: Helmet Delirio White by CheerNo
Shirt: Deuil Jackson Jacket by CheerNo
Necklace: Chained by Violator (new release)
Pants: Nomade by SyS
Pant Cuffs: Deuil Jackson cuffs (from Deuil Jackson outfit) by CheerNo
Shoes: Johnny spike clogs RARE by HANDverk (for the September Arcade round)
Gloves: Marcus by MiaMai
Poses by KatinK from their new Mr. Runway pose set (definitely worth picking up!)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Blinding Style in Bonny Scotland

The She & Him September round is still going until the end of the month, so go check out and pick up some winners like this great mesh shirt from American Bazaar, which comes in many colours, I just picked the brightest and busiest one aptly named "ouch my eyes" haha. That's me, I like to blind them with my style. Always trying to grab the eye.

And while I don't usually credit where I take my blog shots, I have to mention this one. It's a gorgeous recreation of old Scotland called Ayrshire because it's just so breathtaking and not very well known it deserves some support and to get into the Destination Guide. My partner and I went horseback riding there. I highly recommend it.

Photography: Paradox Messmer
Hair: Troy by KMADD (new release)
Hairbase: Brainiac by MADesigns
Makeup: Lucy in the Sky by Madrid Solo
Eyeliner: Glam Boy by Blackliquid
Ears: Steking ears by MANDALA
Shirt: Woody Shirt Ouchmeyes by American Bazaar (for September round of "She & Him")
Kilt: Utilitykilt leather by Bastard
Pants: Tweed Pants by Bliss Couture
Boots: Trauermarsch boots by Deadwool (for the Men's Dept, September round)
Bracelets: Selva Oscura by KOSH
Necklace: HELIAN necklace by KOSH (new release for Stalkerazzi fashion fair)
Pose by Morphine

Monday, September 16, 2013

Violated and Loving It

Soraya Vaher's "Violator" is a designer that I've long admired and that I was fortunate to acquire as a sponsor of "Fashion Frankenstein" just recently. Soraya is a fiercely talented RL designer as well and you can find her cutting edge designs at .

This outfit is a personal favorite SL creation of hers called Jack A Dandy which is like an androgynous couture take on Jack the Ripper, or a dominant dandy figure of some sort with his menacing riding crop waiting by the darkened alley. Love that dangerous style, and also this new hair by Dura which seems to be made for it, an Oscar Wildian prettyboy style that'll make the girls (and the boys) swoon for you.

Photography: Paradox Messmer
Style Credits:
Hair: Dura-Boys&Girls*48 by Dura (new release)
Eye Makeup: Raven's Love by Madrid Solo
Outfit (including boots, hat, earrings and riding crop): Jack a Dandy by Violator
Nails by MANDALA
Pose by Morphine